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September 2021
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Bronze Membership

£10.00 / year



Comes with

  • Membership No. (For use in your UKARA application)
  • UKARA Membership Application by request
  • Free Badge
  • Membership Card
  • Online Booking Functionality

For more information on UKARA please refer to our FAQs here or the snippet below

Can I use the membership as a Valid defence to purchase guns?

The short answer is no as to get a membership with us, you do not require to play a single game. This breaks the VCRA 2007 rules for being a Valid defence. However, some brick-and-mortar airsoft companies, including our onsite store, will accept the physical membership card as you can only obtain the card and badge on a game day as a valid defence as it has proved you have played airsoft which is a valid defence under the VCRA 2007. Do not expect any company to accept this as a valid defence, especially if they do not know the company that you are playing with and the membership card only has a name, date of birth, and expiry date which does not prove the cardholder who they say they are.

Does the membership include the UKARA as soon as you purchase the memberships?

The membership does not include the UKARA immediately. You will still need to complete the registration form. The membership number is, however, valid to be used for UKARA membership, so you do not need to change the number once you have completed your registration.