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July 2024
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Lancashire CQB

Site Closed

This site is currently closed with no future games planned.

Lancashire CQB

Theatre of Operations: Lancashire CQB, The Exchange
Expected Combat Ops: CQB

Intelligence Report:
The Lanc’s CQB (close quarter battle) is an ex office environment. Expect close up action and intense fire fights. Fighting many scenarios from hostage rescue to terrorist eradication. Suitable for new players to veterans skirmishers.

The layout is such that there are very few choke points with multiple ways around any problem or foe, six main floors, three bridge floors and a further three floors on the last building section make this a totally unique site.

Staging Area:
Free parking on Sundays , Entry via main doors from main street, one of our staff will guide you from there.

Combat operations:
Expect close quarters combat throughout this multi storey building. This site is perfect for die hard CQB operators.