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Manchester Woodland

Site Closed

This site is currently closed with no future games planned.

Manchester Woodland

Theatre of Operations: Manchester Woodland, Bolton
Expected Combat Ops: Woodland

Intelligence Report:
Our longest established site offering a wide range of airsoft experiences for over 5 years providing airsoft missions ranging from normal open day games to themed games such as WW2, Vietnam and even zombie apocalypse and more in-depth military simulation games.

Manchester woodland site incorporates over 150 acres of mixed woodland including rivers,bunkers, bridges and even a large dam.
We have added to the already amazing natural features with 6 very different style bases ranging from Hamburger Hill, a large bunker emplacement on the highest point of the woodland with great range of vision of all areas of attack to The Outpost which as the name suggest is a base out on its own

Combat operations:
This site lends itself to many different styles of play and we run all of them!