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April 2024
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The Embassy

The Embassy

Theatre of Operations: The Embassy, Leicester
Expected Combat Ops: Close Quarter Battle

Intelligence Report:
The Embassy is a C.Q.B site; built in the 1800’s, it was the largest shoe factory in Europe. First and Only is only able to deploy missions at the Embassy for a limited time only. The Embassy itself is based in the centre of Leicester (Wordsworth Road, Leicester, LE6 2EA), within easy reach of both motorway or train links.

A 200,000sq ft spread over three distinct floors. The ground floor comprises the basement and loading dock facilities, a mixture of open terrain, dark corridors and small offices. The first floor was originally the main factory floor, with lots of open space and multiple stairways leading down to the basement and up to the top floor (Not to mention more offices to sweep through). The top floor is made up of a circuitous corridor flanked on both sides in it’s entirety by offices and works spaces. Not to mention the bank and board room areas that are screaming out for some intense fire fights.

The Embassy

Combat operations:
You’ll probably want to bring a torch down here with you.
The site is single shot only, therefore RIF’s that are incapable of firing on single shot will not be allowed in game areas.