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July 2024
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The Lab

Site Closed

This site is currently closed with no future games planned.

The Lab

Theatre of Operations: The Lab, Hartington
Expected Combat Ops: Close Quarter Battle

Intelligence Report:
The Lab is located in an abandoned cheese factory situated in Hartington Nr Buxton. First and only is able to deploy to the Lab for EXTREME CQB missions. This site is perfect for everyone from first time players to Airsoft Veterans.

The layout is designed to challenge even the most experienced of players; with much of the site being modular, no two gaming days will be the same.

Highlights include overhead walkways, multiple access points, a large office area and some very dark areas for sneaky play, overall this is a uniquely engaging site.

Staging Area:
From the time you book in you will be directed to our indoor car park and safe zone and our professional staff will help you every step of the way.

Combat operations:
Expect close quarters combat throughout this multi storey building. This site is perfect for die hard CQB operators.

Pre-Site Rules:
FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs
Under 350fps for ALL GUNS ( no variance)

we only allow the use of TLSFX MARK 3 pyro that is bought on site or BFG’s with 22 blanks or smaller. If you’re unsure, see a Marshall immediately on the day.