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May 2024
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About First & Only Airsoft (FAO

)About FAO: First and Only Events has been providing the next level in Airsoft experiences since around 1996.  We consider ourselves the premier Airsoft site operator in the UK and aim to continue providing players with the best and most varied airsoft experience for many years to come.

About FAO - First & Only Events UK

We specialise in Airsoft combat games from open days to organised full weekend scenarios. FAO can provide Airsoft beginners,  stag parties and veteran players with a full immersive Airsoft combat experience.

First & Only pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of play environments: from our carefully selected woodland sites, offering dense woodland combat, to our superb urban sites which put you into intense close-quarter battles in tight environments.

About FAO - First & Only Events UK

The company was started by a small group of enthusiasts from a woodland site based in Matlock (Derbyshire Dales) and has since grown to include an ever-increasing number of permanent sites all over the country. Not only do we provide weekly games at these locations, but we also hire other sites and stage large-scale events that last for a day, a whole weekend or even longer.

First and Only can provide you with all the equipment and training needed to fully immerse yourself in the action.