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Anzio Camp

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Anzio Camp

Theatre of Operations: Anzio Camp
Expected Combat Ops: FIBUA, Close Quarter Battle

Intelligence Report:
Anzio camp is a huge disused M.O.D. barracks and training facility encompassing a massive amount of buildings. This site is perfect for everyone from first time players to airsoft veterans as the site and scenarios cater for all types of play.

The site’s buildings range from small stores to two storey accommodation blocks. Areas of the site include road networks, mixed woodland, an assault course and firing range. All areas of the site are in play and accessible providing true FIBUA combat for FAO’s scenario based game days.

Anzio Camp


Staging Area:
Upon arriving at the site you will be required to sign in and directed to the indoor car park and safe zone. First and Only’s professional staff will direct you, every step of the way.

Combat operations:
Expect to be fighting in built up areas, varied open spaces and true close quarter battle. Anzio camp also has access to 4×4 vehicles on this site providing you with reinforcements or evac if you are pinned down.

Outdoor Chrono limits