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Shell Shock Woods

Site Closed

This site is currently closed with no future games planned.

Shell Shock Woods

Theatre of Operations: Shell Shock Woods, Bridgnorth
Expected Combat Ops: Woodland

Intelligence Report:
Shell Shock Woods is a site located in the country side outside of Bridgenorth. This woodland site sits on a slight hill and stretches off down into the valley.

The woods are fairly thick but with plenty of open areas within the woods.
The ground is made up of natural rock formations, bushes, undulating soft terrain, ditches, large ponds, and fallen trees.
The trees grow tall and are fairly clear of low branches giving you clear line of sight for a good distance. Dotted about the wood are huts and tractors.

Combat operations:
As you would expect the wood is very humid.
We played on a cold overcast drizzly day, in the woods you didn’t notice due to the canopy cover and the terrain got you very warm quickly.
We recommend Mesh goggles and sturdy boots for this terrain.