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Corporate Events

Your company is now the centre of coordinated warfare and are hereby called upon to deploy forces to hot zones around the country. Enter raging battles and employ tactics and planning to engage in a range of scenarios from hostage rescue to an all out assault on the enemy.

With the intel and services of First and Only you can tailor your companies deployment to any combat theatre around the country and the military themed missions you want to engage in, maximising team effectiveness and cohesion in high stress combat environments.

Upon arriving at your chosen theatre of operations First and Only will provide all the weaponry and equipment required during your deployment as well as briefing on all aspects of airsoft and its weaponry.

You will be briefed on your mission and objectives before you enter the battlefield by highly experienced and trained First and Only staff who will be on hand throughout your deployment to help you with you mission.

After the training and planning it will be time to “lock and load” and carry out your mission, going up against a hardened enemy. Expect intense combat, lots of firing and depending on your theatre of operations explosions are likely.

FAO Services

  • Full equipment is provided and training on how to use it from experienced professionals.
  • Themed games based around real world knowledge and experience.
  • Training aimed at giving you an experience that you can take away with you.

The Advantage

  • This type of training brings out the best qualities of leadership and team work.
  • The use of real world locations and equipment gives you realism on a scale never before achieved.
  • Each event is completely bespoke and can be tailored to your own needs.

The Result

  • You will find new skills you never knew you had which can be tailored to be used in every day life.
  • A new understanding of what team work and leadership can mean to you.
  • A knowledge of how overcoming tactical obstacles can be achieved.

What to do next…

We can arrange hire days for a small or large number of people. Some of our sites can easily accommodate 150 players on one day. If you feel that an Airsoft experience would be a good team building exercise for your company or just a fun day out, then First And Only Airsoft will be only too happy to help you plan and execute your day.

Please click here to download our PDF detailing our services further

Feel free to contact us using the form on our contact page. You can also email us directly or call us if you would like a brief overview of what we can offer you.

You can call Tracy on 0161 794 6582