Zombie Survival Blitz


The Hideout Wigan, Unit S2, Mill 1, Swan Meadow Industrial Estate. Swan Meadow Road, Wigan

(venue and event is not suitable for any mobility impaired) (indoors, second floor, available throughout the year)

Synopsis :

“You are part of a Counter Terrorist Strikeforce, tasked with hunting down a terrorist cell who have wreaked havoc by releasing a biological agent which has been turning victims to flesh hungry walking corpses which carries more of this agent.

The task will not be easy, there are already hordes of these infected victims; there will also be traps and the people we are after…are not dumb. They will be expecting us. There are many of these operations around the world, but it is absolutely crucial that these operations are successful, or we face a Pandemic, a Global catastrophe.”

Price: £49.99 per person,

Minimum Age: 16+

Equipment: customers will be given a combat vest, Shotgun with limited ammo, eye and mouth protection. (limited ammo but all the ammo they will need will be provided at no extra cost)

What to wear: they should always wear something comfortable as this is a fast paced environment, Foot wear should be ankle supporting shoes with good grip. Gloves are recommended, can be brought from our Tuck shop.

Facilities: Toilets, tuck shop, free onsite parking, external café

Each Event will last 1 hour 30 minutes, Customers are advised to arrive 15mins before but are not rushed to leave the facility.

Max Players: Max for each event will be 12 players up to 16 players if a private booking.

Time Slots: 7pm, 7.45pm and 8.30pm (please arrive 15mins prior to your event starting)



or call

0161 727 8863

Upcoming dates

18th August 2018 @ 5pm
8th September 2018 @ 5pm
6th October 2018 @ 9am