Mission: Battle Sim Series Trouble in Causasus – CANCELLED

Date: February 24th, 2018 @ 09:00 - 16:00

Location: The Armoury - Wrexham

Mission Brief

:2021. Federal forces due to escalations in violence have moved into Dagestan, they have increased FSB numbers and moved in military forces.

In response and due to invitations extended by the besieged militants, former Is and Syrian rebels have moved into the area seeking revenge against Russia and hoping to spark an Islamist uprising in the Caucasuses.

Using black market contacts and smuggling routes the Dagestan militants manage to bring in arms and extra fighters to increase their numbers.

Drugs originating from the middle east are used to help fund the fighters. With knowledge of this the federal forces bring in a specialised SOBR unit to cut the militants supply line.

Alongside the military and FSB the SOBR hit several well known militant outposts in search for information and evidance of the smuggling routes and smugglers. However due to the terrain of the Caucasus, the militants despite a heavy battering manage to withdrawn and continue with guerilla warfare hitting back at federal bases and convoys from secluded villages and mountain bases……

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