Zombie Survival


You are a freshly recruited soldier and you will need nerves of steel, your wits, and the ability to work as a unit using tactics to contain and escape the infection.

First and Only provide realistic adrenaline fuelled, zombie horror survival events. Our zombie survival days are more than just shooting zombies, it’s a fight for survival. You will be part of a small team trying to survive a contaminated combat zone in an event lasting just over three hours.

Can you survive this apocalyptic experience?



The EventIMG_0577

These events are 3 hours long and include a full briefing and training on all aspects of airsoft and its weaponry. Snacks and refreshments are also included.
These events are only available at select locations around the country.

Location Environment Price
Manchester- various urban sites £ 99.00 per person
Midlands, Kidderminster- The Outpost Tunnels £ 99.00 per person

Participates must be 16 years and above and have good sturdy footwear such as walking or hiking boots to take part in this event.

Each event has a limit of up to 15 players for Manchester sites and up to 20 for Midland sites.
Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts.

Weapons – Shotguns


Survivors will be issued with the Benelli M3 pump action shotgun which is especially effective in close quarters and the hordes of the undead.

How to book

These events are bespoke and must be pre-arranged before your desired date. Optional video capturing of your event using a HD head mounted camera is available at additional cost.

To book an event at either one of our Manchester or Midland sites please fill in the form below.

Alternatively you can call to book on 0161 727 8863 between 10:00 and 18:00 Mon. to Fri .

Click below to download our Information pack & Waiver.

Zombie Survival Waiver - Z Insurance 2019 completed.pdf
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Terms and Conditions

  • All bookings and payments are to be confirmed verbally and/or email correspondence.
  • All payments to be cleared in full to confirm the booking.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your event start time. If you arrive late the time can not be made up at the end, the finish time is set as we have to get ready for the next session.
  • On arrival at the event, please remain behind the Please Wait Here Sign and wait patiently for your Host to meet you.
  • Any activity can have dangers so listen carefully to the Health and Safety briefing and any instructions, if in doubt ask.
  • Only equipment supplied by the company can be used.
  • Insurance waiver to be read and signed prior to the start of the event. If you refuse to this agreement your event would be cancelled and no refund given.
  • Age 16 and over.
  • Any relevant medical conditions that may affect you during an activity based event must be mentioned on booking.
  • No spectators or unpaid guests are allowed at the event
  • Trainers and other Casual footwear are not recommended, wear these at your own risk, we recommend sturdy ankle supporting shoes like walking boots or work boots.
  • Opened toed shoes, High Heels and Pumps will not be allowed on site, if the above point cannot be applied then wearer of shoes in this point cannot participate in the event, with no refund given
  • Each event will differ slightly as it relies on the people role playing. Each person involved in the scenario will play the part differently.
    Cancellation. If we had to cancel then we would offer a different date or event or refund in full.
  • Your booking stops us from taking other bookings that may have been interested in the same date so is subject to a cancellation policy for sporting activities, regulation 6 in the distance selling regulations issued by the office of fair trading. This means that once booked you lose your deposit of 50% of total price only if given prior notice of 31 days or more to cancel the event but if less than 31 days then no refund would be given – management discretion.
  • Participants under the Influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate in the event and refund will not be given. Possession of Drugs or Alcohol will not be allowed on site.
  • First and Only Airsoft Events have the right to refuse participants if in our opinion we consider the person to be a danger to themselves and/or others or the participants behaviour is affecting the enjoyment of other participants.

Zombie Experience Days

Please contact us for further information on the Zombie Experience Days we offer.